8 Things I Stopped Buying To Live A More Simple And Sustainable Life


Living in a world that bombards us with advertisements and consumer culture, embracing simplicity and sustainability might seem like a daunting task. However, I embarked on a journey to simplify my life and reduce my environmental impact by cutting out certain purchases. In this article, I’ll share with you the eight things I stopped buying to live a more simple and sustainable life.

1. Single-Use Plastics: A Small Change with a Big Impact

The first step on my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle was eliminating single-use plastics from my daily routine. Switching to reusable alternatives like stainless steel water bottles and cloth grocery bags significantly reduced my contribution to the plastic pollution problem.

2. Fast Fashion: Embracing Slow and Sustainable Wardrobe Choices

The allure of fast fashion often leaves us with a wardrobe bursting at the seams, filled with items we seldom wear. By resisting the urge to indulge in impulsive clothing purchases and opting for quality, timeless pieces, I not only simplified my closet but also contributed to reducing the environmental toll of the fashion industry.

3. Processed Convenience Foods: Rediscovering the Joy of Cooking

Ditching processed convenience foods was a game-changer for both my health and the environment. Cooking meals from scratch not only allowed me to savor fresh and nutritious ingredients but also cut down on excessive packaging waste associated with pre-packaged meals.

4. Excessive Gadgets: Finding Value in Minimalism

In a world driven by technological advancements, it’s easy to accumulate a surplus of gadgets that may be more distracting than beneficial. I downsized my collection, focusing on the essentials, which not only simplified my life but also reduced electronic waste.

5. Impulse Buys: Curbing the Urge for Instant Gratification

Impulse buys not only clutter our living spaces but also contribute to overconsumption. By adopting a more mindful approach to shopping, I began to question whether I truly needed an item before purchasing it. This change not only saved me money but also helped me appreciate the value of what I already owned.

6. Disposable Coffee Cups: Sipping Responsibly

As a coffee lover, giving up disposable coffee cups was initially a challenge. However, investing in a reusable coffee cup not only reduced my waste but also allowed me to enjoy my favorite brew guilt-free.

7. Chemical-laden Cleaning Products: Embracing Natural Alternatives

Switching to natural and eco-friendly cleaning products was a crucial step in my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. These alternatives not only proved to be equally effective but also eliminated the need for harsh chemicals in my living space.

8. Unnecessary Subscriptions: Streamlining Entertainment Choices

Canceling unnecessary subscriptions, whether it be to streaming services or magazines, not only lightened the financial load but also gave me more time to appreciate the content that truly added value to my life.


Living a more simple and sustainable life doesn’t require drastic measures. By gradually eliminating certain purchases and embracing a minimalist mindset, I’ve found greater contentment and a reduced environmental footprint. Small changes can indeed lead to significant results, both for ourselves and the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is it challenging to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle?

A1: While it may seem daunting initially, taking small steps gradually makes the transition more manageable and sustainable in the long run.

Q2: How did cutting out fast fashion impact your style choices?

A2: Embracing slow fashion allowed me to curate a wardrobe filled with timeless pieces that reflect my personal style, rather than following fleeting trends.

Q3: What motivated you to give up single-use plastics?

A3: The alarming impact of plastic pollution on the environment, especially oceans and marine life, served as a powerful motivator for me to eliminate single-use plastics.

Q4: How did simplifying your gadgets contribute to a more focused lifestyle?

A4: Streamlining my gadgets allowed me to prioritize what truly added value to my daily life, reducing distractions and enhancing my overall focus.

Q5: Can living simply save money?

A5: Absolutely! By cutting out unnecessary purchases, I not only saved money but also became more mindful of my spending habits, focusing on quality over quantity.

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